WELCOME! to the Olds Family website! We've been a presence on the web for a couple of years now and have enjoyed the dialog created by our site's information. Gretchen, the resident genealogist, continues her research and looks forward to new and exciting discoveries.

In 2004 we plan to expand upon the site with more information and some new features (fingers crossed.)

In the meantime, you can search our site in one of many ways. For a short introduction on how best to conduct your research, please visit the Begin Search page.


Meet the genealogist behind the site — A brief introduction to the author and the intentions of this site.
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There aren't too many developments as of late. If you have any news or events to share, relating to our family genealogy, or genealogy in general, please . We have the best of intentions in our desire to update the site with new information and possibly launch our discussion area. Stop by and check up on us periodically!
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